Lone Star Heat Treat
Mike VanDorfy Jr.


North American Shipping Agency
Ashley Palma


Marvin Consulting
Linda Marvin


Forward Edge Inc.
Kitty Wilkerson


CSC Steel
Jody Goodrum


American Shipping and Chartering
Ralf Knickrehm


One Source Toxicology
Steve Harris


AirGroup IAH
Kandace Havner


Expertox Laboratory
Loretta Anderson


Case Studies

Communisat provides Custom Software, Email & Domain Hosting and IT Support for Lone Star Heat Treating. Our software provides tracking of work orders from receipt of material all the way through to shipping the finished material back to the client. Our WO.Net system also provides complete invoicing functions. This is something we find a need for in many businesses as most companies need invoicing functions that are tightly linked to their workflow. Invoicing is also a checkpoint for workorders that are still open. Invoicing also includes exporting data into the accounting system.

We also provide Document Control. This is where documents are scanned into the system making them searchable and available to staff on demand. Document Control also provides revision tracking, expiration dating and color coded data grids that alert you to issues at a glance. When combined with offsite backups it is an excellent way to safeguard critical infrastructure.

Communisat provides Custom Software, Email & Domain Hosting and IT Support for One Source Toxicology. We have provided many different types of programming for One Source. From LIMS (Laboratory Information Management) to Machine Interface to pull results from Olympus Screening machines. We also provide web reporting, Clinical Pain Management System, Interface to Medical Billing, Automated reporting (including Email, Fax and Webservice API), Synthetic Drug Testing, Heavy Metals Testing, website creation and hosting. One Source has been a client since 1999.