About Us

Communisat was founded and incorporated in 1985. Initially specializing in Telecom systems. With the advent of desktop computers in the late 80’s, our focus came to include Information Technology. In the mid 90’s we divested ourself of Telecom and focused solely on IT. Our services have grown to include a total approach to in house process control and custom software. We work to integrate critical business functions to work seamlessly across in-office, inter-office and internet.
Mr. Lersch started and grew several companies before turning his attention to the technical side of business. Thus he brings a great amount of business knowledge to bear on business processes and functions. He has considerable experience in systems integration, web service programming and database systems.
Mr. Connors has been working in IT for over 30 years. He started programming with the advent of Apple II and Dbase. His experience reaches across database management, systems integration, process flow and control as well as machine interface.